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About Weiner Wraps dachshund sweaters

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WeinerWraps is a brand of dog coats, jackets, and sweaters that are specially designed for dachshund, aka wiener dogs. This brand was born out of necessity, due to the unique body shape of the dachshund, making it impossible to find dog clothes that fit and stay on properly. We take pride in creating a warm, high-quality jacket that is both functional and durable, all while keeping the unique needs of your doxie in mind. Dachshund owners can finally find dog clothing that fits their furry friends!

About wiener wrpas dog jackets

Wrapping Weiners Since 2009

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Years of experience

Founded in 2009 by a Colorado Dachshund Family…. read more

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Funds and product donations for Dachshund Rescues

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From the first moment of finding a dog coat just for Dachshunds

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