how Weiner Wraps got started

it started because of our cold weiner dog

The idea of WienerWraps was born with our first dachshund, Cocoa. Her hair is very thin, and living in Colorado, where the winters are cold and snowy, going outside was not fun for her. To help keep Cocoa warm, we purchased our first dog coat, but we had less-than-desirable results. After buying many coats, jackets, and sweaters, we still had the same problem. None of them would fit our dachshund well enough to stay on. Every time, before the dog finished her “business”, the coat would come off in the yard, and we had a cold weenie dog racing back into the house.

design of a dachshund coat began

After looking at local pet stores, chain pet stores, and even on the web, we soon realized that there was not a dog coat, jacket, or sweater that was designed for dachshunds.  All the dog coats were either too long, too short or too big around and none of them would cover the belly.  This was especially a problem for Cocoa who had no hair to protect her belly.  That is when Carol, the mastermind behind WeinerWraps, began designing a dog coat that would fit dachshunds.

the family continues to grow with more Doxies

Next came Chase, who as a young puppy ran out into the street and was hit by a van. Several surgeries later, she was walking and playing like a puppy again. However, her hindquarters were filled with metal, and she would get cold easily, even indoors. Since it was especially important to keep her back end warm, the coat grew a little longer in length.

Then, we added Trouble to the mix. She refused to do her “duties” outside if she was cold, so she would just hold it until she was miserable or it was warmer outside. The push continued to make a snug-fitting, warm jacket for dachshunds. 

Countless patterns, designs, and fabrics were tested on the family members’ 6 wiener dogs, each a different size and shape. There were plenty of patient and now warm weiner dog models to aid in the design. For years, a weiner dog coat was in development, with many redesigns and tweaks. Looking for just the right fit for each of the family members dachshunds.

beginning of the business

hot Wraps For a cold weiner

After making several coats for other dachshund owners in Colorado, and receiving a lot of encouragement from family, WeinerWraps.com LLC was formed in 2009 as a mother-and-son online family business.

WeinerWraps dachshund coat logo
wiener wraps becomes a instant hit

WienerWraps were an instant hit with Dachshund owners, and the business grew rapidly over the next few years. We expanded our product offerings, which included a Polartec dog jacket that is extra warm and water repellent along with plush toys that were popular with our Dachshunds.

As our business grew, we recognized the importance of giving back to a community that has given so much to the breed we are passionate about. Rescue dogs hold a special place in our life, since they make up the majority of our family dogs. Every year, during the holidays, we partner with a local dachshund rescue, donating a portion of the proceeds from each sale in order to help support their mission. In addition to this donation, we are proud that we have been able to donate several jackets to the rescue, allowing them to wrap a weiner dog with warmth and comfort as they wait for their forever home. With every purchase made, our customers feel good knowing that they are also making a positive impact on the lives of these amazing animals.

unexpected change with The future unknown

In January 2013, shocking news emerged that Carol, the mastermind, and seamstress of WeinerWraps, had been diagnosed with melanoma cancer in her brain. Determined to fight it, Carol underwent multiple surgeries and various types of chemotherapy treatments. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to be working and Carol passed away in June of 2013.

With the loss of Carol the business faced a difficult time and experienced shortages of our products.  Trying to keep the business going, we considered various options, including outsourcing production overseas and collaborating with local seamstresses. However nothing met the quality we are known for.

a new beginning

WeinerWraps in memory of Carol

Family members pushed to keep the business going in memory of Carol. In January 2014, the business was reorganized as a father-and-son operation.  With the reorganization, the decision was made to go back to our roots of making, and selling, a warm comfortable coat made just for a dachshund and eliminate all of the other products we sold. 

wienerWraps comeback & offers a new service

Ted, now co-owner, stepped up to take on replenishing the inventory of jackets, despite only having a basic knowledge of sewing. He turned to information on the internet and by taking a series of classes. In no time at all, Ted gained the skills necessary to assemble and have a quality finished product. Thanks to his dedication, the business was soon back in full swing. With business booming again, WeinerWraps purchased a commercial embroidery machine. This allowed for a superior level of embroidery to be accomplished in-house. Customers are now able to have designs embroidered on their dog coat.

change is good

Just like every single business, when COVID-19 hit and shut the world down in 2020, doing business became difficult, at best. As things started to open up, we found ourselves struggling to find or get any of the raw materials needed to make our dachshund sweaters. As our inventory began to sell out, we turned to retail stores like JoAnn’s to purchase any Blizzard Fleece we could find. Unfortunately, because of the new inflated cost of raw materials and shipping, we had our first price increase since the start of the business. 

Tired of the cold weather in Colorado and ready for a change. In 2021 we packed up, traded snow for sand, and relocated our headquarters in the sunshine state of Florida. 

Being in Florida, there are lots of things to do on the water, and boat racing is just one of them. 

In 2023, WeinerWraps jumped on board as co-sponsor for the in-shore tunnel boat racing team of Liquid Revolutions. The results of this sponsorship were beyond our wildest dreams – we saw more summer web traffic and sales than we have ever seen in the 14+ years of the business.

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