Dachshund rescue are devoted to the retrieval and rehoming of dachshunds that have been abandoned, surrendered, or mistreated.  Many dogs find themselves in shelters or rescues due to unforeseen circumstances like their owners relocating or passing away. Adopting a doxie not only saves their life but also brings many advantages. Typically, rescued dogs are already spayed or neutered and have their vaccinations up to date, which can alleviate some medical expenses. Furthermore, rescue groups often extend support and resources to adopters, facilitating a smooth integration into its new family. Opting to adopt from a rescue rather than purchasing from a pet store is a commendable choice. By adopting a weiner dog, you offer them a new lease on life and at a nurturing home.

Coming Soon

We are currently compiling a list of all the current dachshund rescues throughout the US and will have them listed here.
If you are a dachshund rescue, or you know of one that should be included please use the Contact Us form and send the Rescue Name, City, State, website and email address.
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