Custom WeinerWrap Fleece Dachshund Jacket


Custom WeinerWraps dog jackets are ideal for your cherished long dog that requires a unique fit beyond our standard size dachshund coats. Custom coats are made with Polartec fleece with a myriad of customization options ensuring your dog’s coat is as unique as they are.

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WeinerWraps are a jacket made specifically for Dachshunds. These jackets are different from the traditional small breed dog coats, sweaters or jackets. Made from a soft and warm fleece material that provides a comfortable fit for Wiener Dogs. The unique design of these jackets is tailored to fit the distinctive body shape of a Doxie, which is long and slender with a deep chest and narrow waistline.

  • Made In The USA

    Handcrafted in the USA using High-Quality and Durable fleece, ensuring a premium, lasting product

  • Full Length Zipper

    Featuring a top-mounted full-length zipper, putting on or taking off the coat is an absolute breeze.

  • Unisex Jacket

    Unisex coat design featuring stretchable fleece in the chest and belly areas, providing added warmth while still allowing your weiner dog to carry out their duties without soiling their jacket.

  • Fleece Collar & Cuffs

    The stylish fleece collar and cuffed front leg openings are designed to minimize rubbing helping prevent "hot spot" sores.

more than just warmth
Dog coats are not just for keeping dogs warm in cold weather. They can also protect them from the elements, like rain, sun, sand, grass and even bugs, which is helpful during outdoor walks or outings. Dog coats are good for dogs with skin irritation issues, providing an extra layer of protection. They can also help dachshunds who get anxious during loud events like fireworks or thunderstorms, by giving a comforting feeling with the snug fit. WeinerWrap coats are designed to fit dachshunds snug, making them a good choice for owners looking to provide warmth, protection, and comfort for their beloved wiener dog.

Trouble refused to go in the grass to do her business as she doesn't like the grass touching her chest or belly.  Even in the Florida weather, once she had  her WienerWrap on she is happy as a clam

Sara F.

Like all dachshunds, Cocoa loves to lay in the sun.  Only problem is she's allergic to it as she breaks out in hives.  With her custom WeinerWrap she can lay in the sun for as long as she wants.

Randy P.

Happy Weiner Dogs

Nationwide, thousands of joyful dachshunds are enjoying the comfort and warmth provided by WeinerWrap dog jackets, designed to fit a wiener dogs perfectly. These dog coats have become popular among the dachshund community, with pet owners equally pleased knowing their furry friends are cozy and warm. WeinerWrap dachshund sweaters have indeed emerged as a the preferred brand for doxie owners who prioritize both quality and comfort for their cherished companions.


Custom WeinerWraps are made from the measurements provide. Please make sure you are making the measurements so they are snug. Alterations can not be made after the coat is made. It is important to make sure your measurements are correct as custom orders are not returnable or refundable.

Sizing is specific to our WeinerWrap Dachshund Coats

Follow the directions below to ensure you are giving the correct measurements.

Use a cloth tape or a piece of string and take the measurement so they are snug.  If measurements are too loose than the dog will pull their legs up into the coat. 


Embroidery, without a doubt, is one of the best ways to add a unique touch to your dog jacket and make it truly your own. With embroidery, the possibilities are endless. You can add a name or initials for that personal touch.
When it comes to a design, we have many options available: From cute little animals to your favorite team, holidays, and everything in between.  Contact us and let us know what your looking for.

Dissolving Stabilizers, appearing either mat-like or plastic, are applied to both sides of the fleece during the embroidery process. Upon washing the WeinerWrap, these stabilizers dissolve away. Alternatively, you can moisten the embroidered areas, with water, without having to wash the entire coat. If you choose to wet the area, ensure to thoroughly dissolve all stabilizer, from both sides, to prevent it from hardening.

Embroidered Coats


Maintaining the pristine condition of your WeinerWrap dachshund dog coats is a hassle-free task when you follow these simple instructions. Our coats are designed not only to provide unmatched comfort and warmth for your doxie but also to ensure ease of cleaning for you. With just a few simple steps, you can keep your WeinerWrap looking and feeling fresh, ready for your dachshund to flaunt with pride.

  • Washing

    Hand or Machine wash in cold to warm water, with like fabrics

  • Drying

    Line or Machine dry on a cool to medium temperature setting

  • Avoid

    Fabric Softens and Bleach when washing, High Heat / Temperatures when washing or drying. Do NOT iron or dry clean.


Our custom wiener dog jackets are ideal for your cherished long dog that requires a unique fit beyond our standard size dachshund coats. Custom coats are made with Polartec fleece with a myriad of customization options ensuring your dog's coat is as unique as they are.

Another favored customization option is to personalize your dog's coat with embroidery showcasing your chosen sports team, club, or festive design. Contact Us with your inquiries or any questions you may have.

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Custom Dachshunds coats

Lex is staying warm in New Hampshire with his custom Bruins weiner wrap !

Miz L.

Red - Claricee-Pie, Black and Tan - Mugzilla Happily displaying their Cammo Wear!

Laurie A.

Gabby sporting her new custom Polar Tec WeinerWrap coat  here in chilly Toronto!!

Dan M.

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